Mobile Crane Kato

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CRANE Specification

  • Maximum lifting capacity 130ton×2.5m
  • Boom length 11.8m ― 52.0m (6 section)
  • SL jib length 9.2m-26.6m (4 section)
  • winch (Parts of line; 19) : 6m / min. (at 4th layer)
  • winch (Parts of line; 1) : 115m / min. (at 4th layer)
  • Boom derricking angle -1.8°― 85°
  • Boom derricking time 68s / -1.8°― 85°
  • Boom extending speed 11.8m ― 52.0m / 158s
  • Slewing speed High 1.8min-1


ACS (Automatic Crane System with voice alarm), Working range limit mode, Outrigger status detector, Boom derricking / telescoping holding valve, Overhoist prevention device, Drum lock device, Winch holding valve, Automatic winch brake, Winch drum rope tension roller, Outrigger lock pins, Slewing lock, Slewing brake, Hydraulic safety valves, Side mirror, Winch drum turning indication device, Engine oil pressure warning device, Battery charge warning device, Coolant temperature warning device, Coolant level warning device, Fuel level warning device, Hydraulic oil return filter warning device, Hydraulic oil temperature warning device, ACS outside indicator, Slewing voice alarm, Stanchion on boom